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~** "Mother make me a Bird of Prey so I can rise above, make this fall away" **~

~** "Maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos" **~

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RIP Smeagol. You will always be my Bogglin 'Chilla. <3 April 2004-March 2012. RIP Arya Tent-Bat, you special little thing. Gone far too soon. May 2013- June 2014 <3

* My name is Alana Jane King but I prefer to be called 'Lana, the amount of people who can't actually pronounce Alana correctly is shocking! 0.o Some of you might still know me as Hoofy or Nemo.

* I am 28 years old and I'm a trainee Teaching assistant and Mac and Media specialist at the University of Chichester where I also studied music. I live with my friend Scooby, my chinchillas Brienne Chilla of Tarth and Kiku-Flower and my Degus Pippin and Bilbo in Chichester.

* I am a Guardian and Priestess for The Genesis Order of Druids and Eclectic Pagans which is based in Portsmouth. I love it. :)

* I am a very emotional person and can be very sensitive. I have a few spiritual beliefs but I tend to keep those to myself. I often vent a little about various things in this journal, hence it's probably best not to add me if you feel you can't stomach that sort of thing.

* Music will always be one of the greatest passions and loves in my life. I used to front a band named Seven Cycles Per Second but parted from it along with the bassist because of direction issues. I am looking to become part of another band in the future.

* I like birds. I like birds a lot. Especially magpies and owls! :P

* I am a very open minded person and like to meet new people. Feel free to add me but I may not always be quick to add you back. Comment on the friends-only banner to be added.

~ ** "A lonely soul,
An ocean soul"

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